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Spray-On Mud

€ 69.00
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Buy NOW its Dirt Cheap!

A must-have accessory for any urban adventure rider to give that off-road dirt bike look.

Lone Rider Spray-On Mud is for anyone that wants to give friends, neighbors, colleagues and other riders, the impression they have been off-roading all weekend.

If you’ve got an adventure bike, Spray-On Mud will make the lads at the pub and fellow adventure riders just plain envious of your off-roading ability’s, adventurous spirit and cool looking adventure motorcycle.

Spray on Mud

The Spray-On Mud is from Congolese samples especially flown in from areas surrounding Kinshasa  West Africa. This boosts the perfect color composition that is found all over the world and promotes a true to form texture so you will never be found out by your other city-dwelling curb hopping riding buddies.

Only need it for that Instagram pic? It can be spread on within seconds and dry’s in under 1 minute! Snap that pic and simply wash it off with water to get that pristine motorbike back to just how you like it. You don’t even have to leave your garage!

For only 69€ (About 78USD) you will get 750ml of genuine filthy mud spray in a handy leak free bottle. Small enough to fit into any tank bag for a quick spray, but enough liquid mud to coat your adventure bike many times over.

It contains original Congolese mud and some secret ingredients developed by NASA improving drying speed in space stopping drips running down your motorcycle fairings.

Wheelie Adventurous Spray on Mud


  • Non-toxic
  • Quick drying
  • Real mud color
  • Real mud texture
  • Large 750ml bottle
  • 360 splat style spray nose
  • Wash off with water

Please do not use this to cover number plates or obstruct lights as this is illegal and you may find yourself with a hefty fine.

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Buy NOW its Dirt Cheap!


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Buy NOW its Dirt Cheap!


Photo Credit: Wheelie Adventurous

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